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This site is amazing! I can finally communicate with the ex about our boys WITHOUT anticipating his "p.s. you look like you are putting on a few pounds"….or his girlfriend disrespectfully "chiming" in on the other end of the phone. Peace at LAST for my family! THANKYOU for this website, I recommend it to anyone with an abusive ex to deal with. Eliminates the DRAMA, and is an INSTANT curb on the abuse. Glad I only endured a year of extra "baloney" without having this site to use! THANKYOU!!!!! ~ S. Banas on 9/22/14

After a phone call from my attorney a few minutes ago, I realize just what a life saver this website is. Unfortunately, I have a co parent that does not like to follow rules but will lie to try getting me in trouble. Due to the fact that everything is time stamped and dated, I was able to avoid him telling his attorney that I only tell him about things "after the fact". So incredibly thankful for this TOOL in co-parenting. ~ C. Carter on 7/4/20/14

This website was a life saver!! We would receive harassing text and phone calls from the ex on an everyday basis. Through the monitoring of OFW this no longer continues. It has allowed freedom and peace of mind in our household. Truly a wonderful website and I recommend it to others who face the same issues. ~ A. Weiland on 11/13/13

Simply put, OFW is fantastic - OFW allows my husband and I to communicate with his ex without the added expense of restricted delivery, certified mail. No more "I didn't see it" "You never sent it". Seeing that everything is monitored sets the conversations to a much more amicable tone. I love the calendar, journal entries and Info Bank. Our Family Wizard is exactly what our family needed! Thank you!!. ~ S Gonzales from NE on 8/2/13

Desperately needed a program like yours 16 yrs ago to last year when son turned 18 and moved out of father's home. Was a very nasty post divorce time for child and me. Verbal abuse and accusations continued more than 10 yrs. believe that things would have been much improved with your help. Thank God others don't have to suffer like we did. Hang in there! ~ T. Kura from IN on 6/29/13

Comfort - This is what I have received since utilizing this site. Comfort in knowing that communication with my ex cannot be tampered with. It has helped us make our communication more civil. Our family members appreciate being informed. The level of transparency in communication is excellent. Thank you Our Family Wizard! ~ N. Carter from MD on 6/24/13

Love this site even though my exhusband still feels the need to text me random stuff that has nothing to do with our child I still love that I dont have to deal with him and he cant say he didnt know. Even though he still trys to it has shown him to be the person he trully is. I wish I would have known about this 4 years ago but better late than never. ~ Ericka H. on 6/12/13

4 yrs ago when I was ordered to sign up for this site by my exhusbands attorney; to say I hated the idea was an understatement. I REFUSED to pay another penny to get my ex to step up and be a father to his boys. That being said 4 yrs later...I am in LOVE with this site. It is amazing how it has stopped so many he said she said fights. And now we no longer communicated by phone. Everything is done on this site with a time and date stamp. As well as easy access for my attorney and judge to physicaly see and read the harrassing emails I used to have to listen to verbally. I have refered so many of my divorced friends and their friends to this site. To say this site is AMAZING is an understatement!!! Thank you for EVERYTHING you have done for my family!! ~ D. Walker from OK on 4/12/13

I really love family wizard. It has helps keep communication focused on the kids. I wish it could stop the verbal abuse from my ex but at least I know it is limited to the site. My only issue is that the expense section is a mess. My ex keeps rejecting statments and bills becuase he does not want to pay them. I ended up having to take him to court to get a judgement against him to the bills he rejected. Overall its a great product and one I have recommended to others. ~ A. Rising from TX on 3/6/13

I find OurFamilyWizard to be an excellent tool/website for co-parenting experience for separated and divorced parents. It's easy to use, has many great features such as messaging (with time-stamped read confirmation), calendars, reminders, file-sharing section, school and other useful items/tools. This way better than e-mails or text messaging, and will avoid "I didn't get it in time" or "It got lost in the midst of all" -- Highly recommended. Thank you. ~ S. Burda from PA on 2/8/13

Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful site for separated family. I have dealt with a lot of harassing text from my ex and tried so hard to not respond to them. I even went as far as e-mailing all of them to my attorney as he was blowing up my phone! I no longer have to deal with the accusations on how im living my life and what he thinks im doing or accusing me of being around a bunch of men!!!! we now have a record of EVERYTHING! I think the courts should have all custody/visitation cases use the family wizard because it would keep the parents out of the courts !!!!! It is well worth the $90.00 a year! I recommend this site to every one even if you feel you don't need it because you get along with your ex its still a good tool to use due the fact that you can keep track of your expenses for your children, doctor appointments, school and anything else of importance. ~ Adrienne R. on 1/5/13

I purchased the famiy wizard per my ex husbands attorney, to help decrease the he said /she said on his behalf. Most of the harrasment has stopped, but he doesn't utilize the site correctly. I however, put any and all things in writing due to the nature of the situation it's just easier. It eliminates the "I didn't get the email, and I don't have to talk to him, due his destructive attitude and inappropriate behavior. Wish I knew about it years ago. ~Tammy K. from PA on 12/5/12

Bryan, I have now been on the site for a year now, and I have to say that it has changed my life with respect to dealing with my ex. She would send me over 50 emails a day, and the time I spent putting them in folders etc. was CRAZY. The best is I am not bothered during the day. I go in at night and respond to what I feel is needed rather then taking up my day. I think that has scaled her back from sending soooo many emails. Also all the expenses are in one place. That being said how can I look at all the expenses posted from the past? I have to say the best thing about the site is your spell check, It is the best I have ever used. Congrats on the site... Much Thanks, ~ Ron from Los Angeles, CA on 11/16/2012

Thank you family wizard! My ex consistently complains to EVERYBODY that I refuse to communicate with him when this is completely false. We were court ordered to utilize this service and it has been very beneficial. When our first year memberships expired, I promptly renewed and he refused to renew (even though court ordered). Over that one month, he began aggressively harassing me via text and email...just like old times. During this month where he was expired, the children were thrown into the middle of custody and scheduling conflicts. It was so detrimental that I paid for his renewal! Divorcing parents with children must communicate and this is such a wonderful tool when a bitter ex cannot communicate without the conversation deteriorating into bitter nonsense. ~R. Simon from PA on 11/7/2012

We were ordered to use Our Family Wizard because of accusations that certain parties were not receiving emails. Now, my child's mother cannot claim she didn't receive emails I've sent, and there is a saved record of our discussions. I wish she would utilize the tone meter, as her emails are still very accusatory, angry, and hostile. She still refuses to use it though. I feel more secure knowing that she cannot make anymore excuses regarding email communication. ~D. Duncan from FL on 11/2/12

I'm thankful for this tool that keeps records of all communication. My son's dad is still untruthful, but now he can't alter my written words to him. His failure to read the messages & respond shows his lack of concern for the welfare of our son. He still desires to have oral communication so he can verbally abuse me, but now there is a safeguard that I am not required to speak directly to him. I'm still sad for our son that has to endure. I pray daily that his dad releases his bitterness & anger, so he can one day have a positive relationship with our son, then our son will desire to spend time with his father. A parent's anger to the other parent only harms their own relationship with their child. Forgive...for YOU & YOUR CHILD, who wants peace with those he loves! ~M. Rico from CA on 10/17/2012

I love Our Family Wizard, it allows me to communicate with my ex-husband without him being able to yell or say neggative things about me in front of our children. It also illiminates any of the name calling that his current wife use to do to me in the back ground. I'm soooooo glad that the court recommended this and the best part is that he can't lie or manipulate anything anymore because it's all documented: :-) Thank you so much to Our Family Wizard!!!  ~S.Coursey on 10/16/2012

 I and my husband were very sketchy when court ordered to use OFW because of the herrassment that had taken place for the past six years but knowing that everything is documented and saved it gives us hope that this will work for our family. ~Bethany W. on 8/31/12


"I think this Family Wizard is great, for a long time the ex-wife has done everything in her power to keep the Father out of sons life sent nasty emails ,name calling. At least now they can be looked at and they will stop. I wish we could have known about this years ago.... Put children first... Thank you. ~Concearned Mother, FL on 5/27/12.

I am a family attorney and Guardian Ad Litem in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I just wanted to let you know that the Family Wizard website is a wonderful tool.

Thank you.  Very truly yours, ~Joanne Lewis from Ft. Lauderdale, FL on 5/8/12.

I love Our Family Wizard! My son's father has a 6 year history of manipulating communiques using tradition e-mail. With the Wizard we now have a history of all communication with a date/time stamp on a third party server. No more "he said/she said." When it comes to doing our annual taxes both the Expense Record and the Calendar Year View made filing a breeze. I actually think the Wizard (or similiar product) would be a great tool for anyone managing multiple schedules and finances. Thanks for the enhancements....Love It! ~Nichole W from MI on 4/13/12 .

I just want to THANK the Our Family Wizard team for the calendar improvement you made recently. The calendar became functional to me for the first time since I became a member.  God Bless you. ~ Anonymous on 11/27/11

I would like to dispute my previouse comment about "ourfamilywizard". At first I was opposed to the judges order to communicate with my daughters father this way because it just added more humiliation to an already tough divorce.After using this site though,I felt more secure communicating my thoughts and concerns with him regarding our daughter.It keeps the conversations amicable and just about the child. ~ Cathy D. on 11/26/11

This site was referred to me by a mediator working on me and my ex husbands case. So far it has illuminated the harassing emails and calls I got from him and his Fiance on a daily bases. I'm still new to the site but things are looking up and I'm so happy he can't modify any communications anymore just to make me look like the bad guy. Now I can prove to court that I've been civil throughout this entire battle and only communicate when it regards our daughter. I think it's an amazing site and completely worth the registration fee. ~ Michelle T. from CA on 11/25/11

Great site we have found on the internet, it was mentioned to us both by a family friend. We just seem to be getting along better putting every conversation we have that has to do with our young child we have together and are raising. The web of lies between eachother have stoped. They should contact a advertising company, make this site for family's having the same communication problems WE HAD AT ONE TIME. - Loise V. from Los Angeles on 11/13/11

Thank you so much for this wonderful site! Me and my wife were skeptical but it has been amazing. No more harassing calls from ex's, not getting responses, mean texts to my wife, or even having to communicate through anything but through this site! It has been amazing! We thought we would have to be miserable until they were 18 years old but thankful this cuts it and since she likes putting on a show, she will watch what she says on here! We love it! Thank you so much for almost eliminating her from our lives, we couldnt be more pleased raised my 2 boys!! - Justin from WV on 11/4/11

I wish the court had told us about Our Family Wizard 12 years. I have spent so many nights, struggling over medical schedules, parenting time, holidays and school schedules with my ex. The verbal abuse and psychological schemes from my ex-husband, will now cease, because OFW will monitor the conversations. The calendar rocks! Again, thank you.

-Ronda from MI on 9/26/2011

My ex-spouse and I were court ordered to subscribe to this website as part of our Joint Parenting Agreement and I am SO glad we were! We had a very high conflict, bitter divorce and we have to use this website for all communication regarding the children. It's perfect because it takes out the harassment of being contacted through my personal email where the other person can change things in the email chain or delete part of the chain. On Our Family Wizard, the other person can't edit things that you write, and everything is accounted for. THANK YOU FAMILY WIZARD! I have more peace of mind because of this website.

-Jane T. from Geneva, IL on 8/22/2011

Great site. Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart for all you do to keep this system running each day. I only wish I had discovered you sooner.

-Chace's dad on 6/17/2011.

Hello Jai, 

I can't thank you enough for OFW. 

It has truly helped me see what type of web I was caught up in. To be able to go back a read how you communicate with someone is truly a blessing. I tell everyone about your service that has and is going through what I did. I have to renew my membership in just a few days. 

GOD really gave you a gift thank you for sharing it. 

-Lisa H. on 5/20/11

I have been on this site for only about a week and i find it incredibly amazing and helpful. What a great tool to use. I will definately be spreading the word so there will be more users.
Thanks - Tracy on 3/18/11, AB Canada

We love this website and believe it is an amazing tool for parents, especially if they don't get along! The calendar feature is great at keeping your personal appointments in there as a reminder of what may potentially conflict with a parents visitation time and allows the children to also see what appointments or activities are coming up. Great idea!!! - Shawnna and Chyke on 3/1/11

I want to thank you for your website, Family Wizard. When I was originally divorced, there were raw emotions to deal with on both ends. Inevitably, each conversation broke down into rehashing old wounds and made financial dealings next to impossible. My attorney and mediator suggested to join Our Family Wizard. That suggestion has made life much easier not only on us as co-parents, but the divided family as a whole. The arguments are infrequent and the scheduling makes life smoother. The Family Wizard website has changed my life and I would recommend it to anyone. The site takes out the emotion and allows co-parents the ability to discuss what is really important, the children. Thanks again for creating such a wonderful tool. I have recommend the site to anyone I know that has entered the ugly world of divorce with children. Sincerely, - R. Carter on 2/18/11

I cannot be happier about the idea of using this web site as a communication tool with my ex-wife. Now, I feel relived and secured that there will be no room for lies or disrespect on her part since every conversation will be monitored by the judges. - Luis L., Miami, FL on 12/28/10

This website is great because I dealt with my ex's new wife controlling the co-parenting situation with my ex and I. Now with this website, it tracks all log-in information and sees that the new wife has been logging in from her job and her phone and pretending to be him and harrassing me. She is now banned from this website and me and my ex can communicate the way we want, which is respectfully! - Alicia C., AZ on 12/17/2010

I can now ask about our son while he is in his Dad's care without being told it's none of my business or intimidated, bullied or threatened. Thank God! I am one happy mother! - A. Hopkins, Orange County, CA on 12/16/10

This is a great website... It helps with documenting statements and showing facts.. It has helped my husband and I deal wth his ex wife at a distance which is better for all at this point.. It keeps the communication going on things we need to know about his daughter and my stepdaughter while keeping the drama away from the child. What a awesome tool to be able to utilize when personal meetings are just not the way. - T. White on 12/16/10

Great website. Really great tool. I am glad I am able to use this as a communication tool with my ex. - Richard W. on 11/8/2010

I am so pleased with this site. My daughter's father and I did not have a great co-parenting relationship. There was also a step-mother that wanted to control the communication. She was sending harassing messages with threats and more. My attorney recommended this site for a more controlled situation. I like fact that communication is documented with the site for future reference if need be. - Kim G. on 10/13/2010, North Carolina

WOW!! Wish I knew about this a year ago in the begining of all the madness. Takes out the he said she said and fake emails he produces. No longer can he verbal abuse me or put me down. A relief for my future and my childrens future. - Kristin S. on 09/29/10, CA

This is a great tool if BOTH parents use it...It is a good way to document and I like the date and time stamp on the messages and logs! He can't say he never got a message like he has through regular old emails. And, he can't claim he responded when he really didn't.Alicia W on 07/20/2010 

Wow! I only wish I had this available 8 1/2 years ago when I started my divorce, it would have stopped my EX from his lies and harassment long time ago. I guess when you have someone willing to spend over a quarter million to take a few thousand from you, you know he is a whack job. Unfortunately he is my kids father, and I still have to deal with him, but this helps tremendously to curb his ability to harass me. Thank You! - Teri C. on 6/28/10

This website has eliminated the harassing phone calls my husband and I would receive from my step-daughters' mother as well as the constant lies about giving us certain information, and not saying or doing certain things, but when a person is difficult, they will always be a problem. Their mother continues playing games, making up lies in her emails, claiming she doesn't have certain information, like phone numbers, and not informing us about my step daughters activities and education. I don't think you can ever eliminate the problems of a trouble maker like the manipulative person we deal with.Y. Navarro, Grand Terrace, CA on 5/21/10

I love this web site it is a big help i had problems with my sons father because i was made to communicate through his girlfriend who didnt want me to talk to him about my son but her since i dont know her well and shes not related to our child, I did not want to do that,now i dont have to anymore.Thanks a lot for this blessing.Colette Vitolo on 5/10/2010

Family wizard is a wonderful tool. Very easy to use and has resolved a lot of conflict issues for myself. I am thankful for this website. - Richard C, Dayton, OH on 1/27/10

I am very happy to have joined and have a way to communicate with my ex-wife regarding our daughter. She can no longer get a way with not informing me of our daughter's education and health. She will now have to provide me with all the contacts that I need to continue to be involved in my daughter's life since I live in a different state. I also like the fact that I can contact my daughter on here too. - Juan J. on 9/16/2009

This is a innovative and helpful website that helps you with common parenting problems. Two thumbs up!!!! - R. Ramjit, NYC 9/9/09

I think this website is incredible! After sending almost 200 emails in a year via regular internet--then being taken into court constantly because "they didn't have the information"--this website is INCREDIBLE! It truly shows who is really doing what, who said what, and if the information was really there--If your former spouse doesn't read the emails or postings on the calendar--that is no longer your problem as long as you conveyed the information via the Wizard. You cannot delete things once they're sent and once a date has passed you cannot go in and then change it. There is no cutting and pasting of fake emails that were never sent or "phone calls" that were never made. If you have a high tension custody case--including with Domestic Violence or someone who does not have the children's best interests at hand, THIS IS THE WAY TO GO! If it's not on the Wizard---IT WAS NEVER POSTED! Make sure you get it as part of your Child Custody Agreement as an enforceable order of court because it will save you the he said/she said. - from Carol on 6/19/2009

This has solved our woes too. - from Susan on 6/17/2009

I am so thankful to the family wizard. My husband's exwife harassed us both constantly via phone and e-mails. She knew she could play with these without legal repercussions. We went to court where the judge ordered that communication had to be strictly by means of the wizard and had to adhere to the childrens issues at hand only. She now knows she has to adhere to the judge's order otherwise she can possibly land in jail. Thanks you again - from Giselle Schiller on 8/25/2008

I am thankful to this avenue of communication. It has controlled the nasty phone calls from my exwife to me and my wife, and has put an end to her foul language since she is aware the content of messages is monitored. I have doentation to avoid he said she said situations and her violations of my rights to see my kids! - from Manuel Sarmiento on 8/25/2008

I thought I was the only one going through this whole situation. I have been divorced for two years and my ex-husband has been very difficult, and a the end he puts it on on me. I don't see light at the end of the tunel. My attorney referred me to this program and I hope I can finally improve my son's and both (my x's and mine) our lives. That's if he agrees to join it...which right now it's been very difficult. - from Erika Bernal on 7/12/2007

So far family wizard has put a stop to the harrassing phone calls from the exwife. The phone calls start out with pertinent info about the child, but turn into a screaming fit a rage within seconds. This service forces her to keep it to the point and only discuss matters regarding the child, not her personal opinions on my husband or myself. Worth every penny. - from Nicole Hezlitt on 7/1/2007

Previously I worked with a software company that developed software for the K12 and state and local governments. I am very please to see a company who has taken the time and care to develop a piece of software that is capable of removing the conflict and unsettleing enviornment created by our adviserial court systems. This is a far better choice for families then the arena we call the family court. - from KENT GENOVESE on 4/11/2007

I wanted to say thanks for your website. A must for divorce situations. The ex resisted for nearly a year in using your website until I pushed it in Court and it was Court ordered. All the right info. is there for both parties. I am a father with sole custody. The ex's Attorney continued to be harrassing and intervening with visitation however this website took her out of the equation. A great communication route / tool. - from D. Wylie on 4/10/2007

We are very much looking forward to using this site!! It has become nearly impossible to have a conversation with the children's mother, without her turning it into an argument. We are hoping that use of this website will put a stop to her putting the children in the middle once and for all. - from Scott & Lisa Levy on 3/3/2007

This look to be a very good tool for this dfficult time am having with my ex, and a easy way to keep up to date records. - from Eddie R on 11/6/2006

This site was suggested to me by an Orange County Police Officer after responding to a call I placed for assistance in retrieving my son from his Father when he lost temp custody of him. My son's father has been very difficult to deal with for the past 5 years. Whenever I try and communicate any time-sensitive info with him, such as: visitation, vacation plans, school events, schedule changes - he uses a method of "avoidance by: phone: -He does not answer -Does not return call - or - -Just hangs up on me. If I write it out and try and hand it to him on a child-exchange confrontation -He throws it back at me - or - -returns our son and (doents tucked in our son's belongings). As a final resort I have e-mailed and since then - turned to faxing to his home. -He presents this as "harrassment" when we go to court. I am looking forward to utlizing this tool so that my son can lead a normal life. His father will no longer be able to "pretend" he is un-informed and wreak havoc in our lives anymore. I am very excited about this - I am seeing some light at the end of a very long tunnel that I have had to endure for 5 long years. - from Marguerite MIlls on 10/25/2006

This program has helped tremendously w/ finding out what's going on in my daughters lives. My ex & I have very little to no communication to avoid past problems and esp. arguements. We have a wonderful parenting time consultant who is able to ck on the communication & be the voice of reason when needed just by reading our msgs. The calendar is great. I add things as I find them out. Unfortunately I am not the custodial parent nor is my ex interested in joint physical custody. I just have to rely on this program for daily info. which is very helpful. My daughters think it's great when I ask how something went even though I wasn't there or couldn't remind them that they were doing something that day! It shows I'm interested even if I'm not there on a daily basis. I have the right to be involved, and this program has helped in making that happen. - from Matt on 6/5/2006

This is the most fabulous website! It is very comprehensive, yet easy to use, helps ensure communication is relevant and polite, and is a great organizational tool for what can be a complicated matter. I highly recommend it to all divorced families! Also, when I have had questions, the staff immediately returned my call and were very helpful and patient. It is a life saver! - from Evamarie G. Musum on 5/31/2006

The web site is great, my x-husband lives in Mn and we have major communication problems, now my daughter doesn't have to deal with us going between her. - from heidi on 4/24/2006

My husband and I are having a difficult time dealing with his ex and he has not been able to visit with his daughter without interruption from his ex. Since we've been going through legal stuff she's been trying to plan our schedule and play games with us. We've driven 18 hours one way to see his daughter only to find that she couldn't go with us. All of a sudden there has been an issue with me as and my child coming with my husband. It's such a long drive that if he were to come alone he'd have to fly. I hope that the judge orders this program for us so that we can schedule some reasonable visitation with his daughter. - from Marcy, stepmother on 4/2/2006

This is wonderful. - from Rohit on 1/28/2006

WOW! A judge told me about your website and I just reviewed it. My 15 years of practicing family law would have been much easier for my clients and myself had this program been around. Congrats! I look forward to requiring my clients to use it and I WILL spread the word. E.Romero - from Ernesto Romero on 1/11/2006

This seems like such a valuable tool. Communication has been extremely difficult and our hope is to alleviate some of the issues at hand with this website. The children should always come first regardless of the situation or cirstance. - from Cynthia Garay on 11/30/2005

Our Family Wizard has made it so much better on our children during and post divorce. My ex husband and I have been users of the site since November 2003. It has helped us "clearly" communicate schedules, expenses and child support as well as general communication about our kids. My x-husband was not a computer user but when we were starting our divorce process and this was introduced to us I did not know if he would use it. Today we continue to use it frequently to keep track of all of the things to do with the kids. Thanks so much for creating such a great tool for divorced parents. Expense Summary We have found this to be a great tool to keep track of medical co-pays and child support payments. It's also very helpful at the end of the year for tax purposes. Messages This has been invaluable. When we are disagreeing on issues we just use this method of communication so the kids don't have to listen to any bickering. It also gives parents a solid history of what has been agreed to for vacations, switches, etc.. Calendar This is invaluable with 3 kids. My x-husband and his wife can pull the calendar up at any time to see what the kids have going on with their busy schedules. Information I really like the information section for the kids when they travel with their dad. It allows him to have their medical records at his finger tips. We also use it for relatives when shopping for holidays/birthdays. Overall, the wizard has truly helped my kids. I think every divorce involving children should be required to use Our Family Wizard. Thank you for helping me and my kids. - from Valory Gilpin on 9/15/2005

Other than some testing issues, I think this is a wonderful tool, and as a former database programmer and mother of 2 I really like this tool. Look forward to some of the applications being refined to take some issues out of beta testing. Log in screen can be confusing between parent and professional based on who paid for the access. Deb - from Deborah on 8/4/2005

I just want to thank 'Judge Sage', Gregg county Tx, for ordering Family Wizard as a communication tool for my case. It's amazing! Thank you. I should have no problem seeing my daughter now. This will also stop all of the harrising letters and disruption to my family by my ex-wife and also allow me to saty on top of all the things I need to. Again, Thank you Judge. - from Raymond Ferguson, Jr. on 6/24/2005

This is am amazing interactive program that brings hope to families who are in adversarial situations. i will certainly recommend it to families in my practice. the ability to have another individual access the data is invaluable in obtaining a well rounded picture of what is happenning in the family. - from sylma fine on 5/23/2005

I Have looked at this, and I think it will help with my divorce. It is really awesome!!! - from Jerry on 5/10/2005

I really like this web site. I find it very user friendly, quick and inexpensive. The support staff has always been helpful and courteous when I've called regarding my account. Thanks," Jai", for your help. - from Deborah Perez on 4/28/2005

I am interesting in information about this website. I am hoping it will be an unbiased way for my ex husband and I to communicate for our childresn sake. - from Paula Parker on 3/22/2005

I am looking forward to this opportunity to help families cooperate in the care of their children. - from Linda Van Der Werf on 3/10/2005

i am so excited about using this...will it do me any good though, if my sons' father doesn't participate? - from mary cummings on 3/9/2005

Looks promising. - from Tracy on 2/23/2005

My daughter-in law and my son are in the US Navy. My wife and I are taking care of my 8 month old grandson while the kids serve our country. We use My Family Wizzard as a vehicle to store my grandsons vital medical records and to create a journal of his "first events" in his life. My daughter in-law is in the Persian Gulf aboard the USS Milius on deployment, my son has just gotten out of the Navy after a four year stint. This website gives us all the ability to communicate my grandsons life by just logging on. God bless you . Tom Parrow - from Thomas Parrow on 1/30/2005

As a first time user the site was very friendly and allowed to me put in all my information in a way that did not take very much time. It will be nice to keep updating on the site for years to come. - from Eddie on 1/22/2005

I am excited to be a part of this effort to resolve conflict and increase harmony over our kids. We discovered this site through both our attorneys during mediation. As a mother who has been in court for nine years about children, I see this site as a solution that fits our needs to communicate without conflict. I encourage anyone I know who has similar issues in their lives to connect with ourfamilywizard. Also, I hope that in the future, it will be a required part of divorce proceedings, just as the KIDS FIRST program is required in some counties in our state. I want to thank those responsible for working so hard for creating this tool to improve parenting after divorce. - from Pamela on 12/22/2004

This looks like a fantastic tool. I read about the site in the recent Wall Street Journal article. I have been divorced since 1995 and have 3 daughters with shared custody. They are all older now (ages 17-23). Having lived through the issues typical in divorced families, I can see this would be a great tool to solve many of the issues divorced parents face. I wish this was available years ago, I would highly recommend considering this investment! - from Mark Koch on 11/20/2004

I enjoyed taking the tour and am interested in becoming a member myself - from Dolene Brunelli on 11/5/2004

Never Better......Even if you are not having parenting issues this really helps with the organization of your childrens records. You can access the information almost anywhere and it really makes conflict resolution simple and eliminates parents feelings, focusing on the children....that is what this is all about.....Thanks Guys 5 out of 4 stars - from Mark Cornell on 6/2/2004

I have been a divorce mediator for seven years specializing in parenting plans and co parenting issues. I also teach conflict management and communication classes and the Parents Forever Divorce Education as a a mandatory part of the mediation process. All I can say is, "Way to go, people!" I will be referring all of my clients to your site. - from Lois Warner on 4/13/2004

I just learned of this interactive tool, and will be referring my clients to it! Thank you! - from Carolyn Rowe, MA,LPC-I on 3/30/2004

From what I have seen so far, this program has great potential of assisting broken families to regain essential communication. I'm willing to try it with ours. - from Colleen N. on 2/25/2004

There should be more info out there about this tool, especially for problem divorces, where communication is troublesome. - from Tess Kleindienst on 2/22/2004

My divorce attorney and the parenting consultant both insist OurFamilyWizard.com is the best way to facilitate caring for our child. I particularly like the objective tracking features of the website. There's no argument about who said what (or didn't) and when. The data is all there for parents and their third party legal help. - from anonymous on 1/8/2004


II just wanted to let you know that we are enjoying Our Family Wizard. I have had more contact with my children, who live in Iowa, than ever before. They enjoy using the computer and it is easier than trying to phone them as they always seem to be unavailable when I call. - from Kathy on 12/29/2003

I saw the article in Working Mother and immediately looked at the site. I am impressed and will tell my clients and colleagues. - from Allyson Block on 12/24/2003

I just read an article about your website in "Working Mother". I viewed your online tour, and this is a wonderful program! I am going to see if I can get my daughter's father to agree to using this site. Just yesterday he served me with contempt of court...again. I would love to have a better forum to handle our co-parenting. Going to court only causes more tension and resentment. I feel really good about this program. We were never married and had our daugther at a very young age. We have a long history of conflict, that seems to have only gotten worse now that we are both married and have more children with our current spouses. Even if he doesn't agree to use this site, I plan to sign up so that I can keep track of the visitation schedule, appointments, and shared expenses. - from Tiffanie on 12/11/2003

You shouldn't wait for a judge or a guardian to order you to use this. This is a wonderful program and it has helped our family tremendously. - from Tom on 2/18/2003

Going through a divorce (we have nine year old twins)with little to NO verbal communication. Am hoping judge will find this a good idea for the benefit of the kids. - from Scott Mann on 12/20/2002

To Whom It May Concern: I'm writing to you on behalf of Our Family Wizard, a new and innovative Internet product available to families who are transitioning through separation and/or divorce, or for those parties who have common children. I believe that this product will greatly benefit any families who are transitioning through family change, especially those who have high levels of conflict or struggle with communication issues. Although a division of family can be final, the commitment to our children is a lifelong commitment and for the sake of the children, parents must come up with a workable way to communicate. This organization is providing parents with a user-friendly tool to plan for the needs and scheduling of their children, along with other valuable information that both parents need to be well informed about their children. I am the program director of The Storefront Group's divorce education programs for parents and children in the Twin Cities metro area. Our divorce education programs have been approved as certified divorce education programs by the Minnesota Supreme Court and provide service to more than 2,000 children and parents each year. Respectfully submitted, Anita Miller - from Anita Miller on 10/17/2002

So many of the disputes that bring families back to court time and time again involve communication breakdowns. "Ourfamilywizard.com" provides families with an excellent communication vehicle that when used regularly should substantially reduce the need to come back to court. More important, regular use should help reduce the level of animosity between parents that can be so harmful to children. Even families not involved in court proceedings should benefit from "Ourfamilywizard.com." It is an effective tool that allows parents to plan and implement the kind of schedules and transportation demands faced by working parents with busy children. --Judge James T. Swenson - from Judge James T. Swenson on 10/16/2002

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