Info Bank

Your family information to go.

the new improved info bank makes accessing your family's information easier than ever.

Like having your own personal assistant.

Manage your all of your private and shared family information in one easy place.


the address book makes it easy to import and export contacts with the OurFamilyWizard website
The address book makes it very easy to import and export contacts with the OurFamilyWizard website.

Track and share vital family information like shoes sizes, height, weight and more.


Track and store all of your important family information like social security numbers, clothing sizes and more.Keep your family vital information organized and up to date:
o General vitals
o Clothing sizes
o Shoe sizes
o Height
o Weight

Track important medical information.
Track important medical important medical information all in one safe place:
o Health Conditions
o Immunizations
o Incidents
o Insurance
o Medications
o Procedures
o Providers
o Test Results

Your children's educational information at your finger tips
Your child’s educational information sorted and at your fingertips:
o Class schedules
o Teachers
o Schools

Save and share important files, pictures and video
My Files allows you to upload and share files with your co-parent within a convenient forum, or store your own files to have available anywhere.

financial and insurance information like policy numbers, contact info, etc.Manage financial and insurance information in a secure location.

easily access emergency info
Have quick and easy access to your family’s emergency contact information.

record child care provider cost, phone numbers and more
Record availability, cost, and notes for child care providers.

Child extra curricular activities like baseball, basketball and more
View details about your children’s various activities at a glance.

records associated with church
Religious information stored in a concise, neutral setting.

accurate records are keptAccurately tracks entries

o Accurate records have never been so easy to keep and share.  All entries on the site are stamped with who made the entry and when it was created or edited. 

o Parents can only edit entries they have created, reducing confusion and manipulation of information.  Each page indicates when information was last seen by each parent.

Never search for your records

No more digging through hundreds of emails to find the information that you are looking for:  With subsections that are designed for your life, you can customize the site to meet your family’s information.